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More 50s MOPAR trivia

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 29, 2002


When I was growing up in Columbus, GA in the 50s, my grandfather was the city engineer. He knew everybody, and was especially good budiies with the local full-line MOPAR store in town. Hence he and my Dad both had Chryslers (Dad had a late 56 Windsor 2-door that came from the factory with a New Yorker 354 in it, compliments of end of run engine issues), and also the town seemed to use MOPARs for both Police and for the city vehicles. I remember that the town had 56 and 57 Dodge D500s (and the chief had a 300C). I think those cars paid for themselves AND the judges' salaries in the speeding tickets that they gave to the Ft. Benning soldiers! NOBODY outran them.


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