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Re: heater 300B

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: August 30, 2002


Jean-Louis.....Sounds like your 300B has some unusual (for 56) options. The gasoline ("Instant Heat") heater option WAS available for 300s (as for Adventurers and also regular Chryslers and Imperials), but was a low-volume supply. The fact you have factory A/C (yes it WAS in the trunk) combined with that heater is unusual, as most "cold weather" cars did not sport A/C. Speaking of that option, there were 2 A/Cs, a regular and a "Deluxe". If you have the chrome air intakes on either side of the vehicle just below the rear windows that have "Airtemp" script on them, this is the fresh air intake for the Deluxe system. If not, then it is standard. Also, does you vehicle (to be???) have Solar Glass? This would be a green color rather than clear. This was a SEPERATE option from the A/C, so just because it has one does not mean it has the other. Other options to look for that are desirable are the 3rd horn (tri-tone), the Wonderbar autoseek radio, and of course the Hiway HiFi. You might also look for the steering wheel Benrus clock. As a note, the Power Window option could be all, or just front. I have seen both. One other thing of note. While most 300Bs were built with Powerflite autos, there were some LATE 300Bs with the early Torqueflite. If this car is one of these, it is indeed a rare item.


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