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1958 plymouth belvedere deal????

From: James
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Date: September 01, 2002


Hello everyone, I am new at this stuff so, please deal with me!! I am just wondering if I actually got a good deal on my 58. The Plymouth is a 2-door hardtop,and is all original, what is left anyway. The floors, rockers, trunk pan, quarters, are bad,and of course but not least the fenders have to be weak. I know this sounds like a lot of stuff to be wrong,but most of the crome is in really good condition with the exception of the back bumper. The car has been setting around since the mid 70's and being a northeast car have figured that the condition and price of $700.00 is not to bad,but was just wondering someother opinon. Ohh yeh the car does also have a full set of Bumper wings, 150 speedo, and licenseplat guard. Ya'll have a wonderful day/night, and keep the hope up that one more of those wonderful Plymouths may soon be alive and well again!!


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