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Re: Need good sized Forward Look logo for tattoo/Got one!

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: September 05, 2002


Bob, You want me to send you a photo copy of the picture I have? Right? The one decal place called me this morning and said that they can't make the decal the way I want it. "It's not in his computer." I'll have to find someone else. I think that this guy is one of those with the 'bowtie blinders' on. He has made some pretty wild, (three dementional, cartoon, chrome and wild colors), for it seems like only the Chevy roundy-round guys. The one and a half UMP's here in Morgantown, that are running 360's they said that they had to go down to Weston, (forty miles south. Also where the Auto-Truck Round-Up is published)to get the decals and lettering done for their cars. I was trying to get a three dementional look made out of chrome. You know, at three feet, this decal would look like the real emblem. Only bigger/smaller, whatever. Watercolors in the rain!? OK, not with a ten foot pole. E-mail me yer address, and I'll get my wife to make several copies, to send to you and the 'cool cat with the cool tat', or anyone else who wants one.


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