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Re: Exhaust to intake connection

From: RobertB
Email: rob<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 05, 2002


Thanks for the info. Has anyone replaced their vacuum line (carb to dist.) with much luck? I can use the old metal pipe tube if I have to. I'm thinking I might run the PCV line to the smaller of the two holes on the intake - closest to the base of the carb. On to the next question - I have a 56 Dodge Royal with a powerflite that I would like to mate with a 57 KD500 engine. As noted in a post below the 57 has a thicker adapter plate and a flywheel with more teeth. I'm thinking about going with the following setup: 56 powerfilte -> 56 trans cage -> 57 plate adapter -> 57 torque converter -> 57 block. This means I'll need to buy a new starter - my 56 starter and flywheel are shot anyway. I also have a 57 Dodge motor mount in good shape if anyone is interested. Thanks, Robert


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