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Re: Exhaust to intake connection

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: September 05, 2002


Bob...You shouls be able to get small diameter Bundy brake line from an Auto Parts store and fabricate a replacement line from your carb to your distributor using the old one as a reference. Take the tube with you to the store for visual reference. Regarding the 57 Dodge to 56 P-Flite mating. Use the 56 trans (obvious). Check the 57 T/C installed height from front face of converter mounting flange to the machined bellhousing mating surface of the P-Flite. Do BOTH converters to confirm if the distance is the same. Then check the diameter of both to make sure that they both fit in the bellhousing of choice (I assume you speak of a air-cooled housing for the 56 P-Flite, but maybe it is the water cooled converter type (no fins on T/C) If the converters both pass this test, then you can use the 57 T/C with the 56 housing and plate. Otherwise, you have to use the 57 adaptor and bellhousing. NOTE: If the replacement T/C does NOT have fins, you will need to install a trans cooler and lines. You can find the plugs for this on the driver's side of the P-Flite, and their locations are described in a 56 or 57 Service Manual. The trans will burn out if you do not have one! You will need pipe to flair nut/Bundy tubing fittings, and then Bundy(brake) line to the trans cooler, which could be on the water inlet of your engine or divorced modern style in front of or inside a radiator. You have to fabricate this yourself. Also make sure you follow the instructions for setting the pressures and cables for the trans before driving, or you can trash it!


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