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Transmission Success Story

From: David J
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Date: September 06, 2002


A while back, I posted about my 61 Seneca's (6 cyl.) tourqueflite doing a Valdez-esque spill on my driveway. Recieved several excellent suggestions, but in the end, I elected to have the tranny rebuilt. After driving the car for a while post rebuild, I can now strongly recommend to any Texas area Forward Lookers (or anyone else for that matter) National Transmission in Austin Texas (512-451-5080). They rebuilt the transmission in a week, the price was in the $900.00 range, their work is waranteed, and they did an outstanding job. The car needed no shift adjustments, the push buttons work flawlessly, in short, I couldn't be happier. If anyone is considering getting a rebuild, I would definitely call these guys up! Thanks for reading, and for the continued wealth of information this site provides! -David


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