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Engine Identification and FIRING ORDER

From: Tim Knight
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Date: September 08, 2002


I have a V8 engine in a 57 plymouth 2dr H/top I'm trying to ID the engine. The only number I can find on the engine is on the front left side of block. Its not stamped but looks forged in block (they are raised letters ). The number is 1737929 with a number 4 above these numbers. Also while changing spark plug leads, i didn't record which order the leads ran, thinking I have a 57 manual anyway to reconnect. Well when I connect leads in firing order 18436572 with number 1 being front left cylinder and 8 being right back cylinder and distributor running clockwise it wont fire correctly. The engine was running before changing leads and now it wont start only misfires, etc So my question and plea is can anybody help with the Engine ID and this may help with finding the correct firing order. Failing engine ID is there anyway to find out firing order of engine? I hope someone can help me


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