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Remember tire aspect ratio

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 10, 2002


Well my '60 AND '61 Plymouths have 15x7 wheels. Do remember tire aspect ratio,the OEM aspect ratio with 14" wheels was 80 series tires (those were bias-ply). Typically you'd find the stock 14" wheel cars wearing 205/75R14 series radial tires nowadays. So when you have the 15's on, you can "plus one" the aspect ratio to 215/70R15 series. In my case my (closer to stock) '61 is wearing 215/70R15's and my (big-engine) '60 is wearing 225/65R15's. The 215/70's are slightly taller in total diameter than the 205/75R14's,BUT so were the original 80 series bias-plys.


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