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Re: Will a well done fiberglass repair hold up?

From: L Larson
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Date: September 10, 2002


My first fiberglass job was customizing my 51 Ford, fillling holes , door handles, and taillite mods. Held up well back in the late 50's. Than a 54 chev likewise. And a full fastback fiberglass mold and top for an MGA. so.... The front floorpan repair on my 56 Plymouth was done 10 y rs ago. Still solid as a rock. Nuff said. BUT Bondo is NOT for structural repairs. It does not have the grip or holding power the glass and resin does. Note if you want the patch to hold, you must use EPOXY resin, not Polyester. At least twice the cost. As noted eariler, one MUST use a coarse, 24 or 36 grid disc to provide many nice sharp small grooves for additional holding power. This helps MECHANICAL bond or grip. The resin provides an adhesive bond. If U havent done this before, try to get some rod mags that cover glass work. In fact I think there is one on newsstand now that just started a series. Rotsa Ruck Think U can do it!!! Lars in W MIchigan


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