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From: L Larson
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Date: September 10, 2002


Had my 56 Ply Sport Suburban 277 V-8 overhauled 8+ yrs ago. Factory power pac having duals and small 4 barrel. Also 3x and overdrive. It will easily keep up with modern traffic empty or Packed full of stuff, which I often did going to art fairs. Added air shox at back to keep car leveled out. It will Drive any speed you have the guts to and torque is available in high from 30 on up, just pulls like a Bull. Cost at that time including boring 60 over with 8 new pistons, all bearings, valve job, oil pump, water pump, clutch refacing, new disc etc etc was about $1450. All FYI Course U can get a Chev 350 Krate motor for that... Lars in W Michigan USA Fly our Flag!


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