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How to make a 58 coronet handle like a porsche...

From: kelly
Email: 21st century digital boy
Remote Name:
Date: September 10, 2002


Hey guys! I know I haven't been here in a while, I got a new job sellling cars at a dodge dealer, among other things. The endeavor I am on now is to make that car handle better in the twisties. What in the way of suspension components will bolt up to my car? Are there any rear sway bars that will fit on to this thing. I am thinking that I could get sway bars and other miscellanious [sic] things off of a '70s C-body car is that possible?? How about a quick-ratio steering box? What are the biggest/widest wheels that will fit under my car? There is also rubbing noise that comes from the rear axle area everytime I turn a corner or have anybody in it. I replaced the shocks, Ithink maybe a broken u-bolt is the culprit. One more question, where can I get the black/white/silver mylar seat fabric from? thanks fellas. Kelly


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