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Re: How to make a 58 coronet handle like a porsche...

From: Adam Green
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Date: September 11, 2002


Kelly, you will never be able to get the 58 to handle like a Porsche. First thing is, the 58 is too big and heavy. Handling comes down to very few factors, the most important being, how much rubber(tyre) you can get to stay on the road without it slipping. Now, as far as the 58 goes, you will be limited as to how wide a wheel/tyre combo that will fit without major modification. Porsche's are designed for very wide tyres and Coronets are not. Even fitting a very wide tyre on the front may make the handling worse as the 58's suspension was never designed to behave like a sports car. So, you have a narrow tyre and lot's of weight trying to push it around. Think of it like centrifugal force. Tie a small weight to a piece of string and swing it around. Now double the weight and do it again. It's harder to control, isn't it? If your Coronet weighs twice as much as a sport's car - same thing. That's without going into anything about front to rear weight bias, roll centre of gravity or solid rear axles. So, what can you do? First of all, make sure everything is working as designed. Fit new suspension rubbers everywhere. You could even go as far as getting Polyurethane bushes as they are a bit stiffer. Secondly, buy some decent shock absorbers. Third, get some decent radial tyres but don't make them crazily large. Tyres with a low aspect number (shorter sidewall) will handle better but ride worse due to being stiffer. Finally, if you aren't happy, get yourself a nice discount on a Viper at that Dodge dealership. I'd rather drive a Viper than a Porshe anyday. Good Luck. Adam


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