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Need to find trans seals and oil pump!

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: September 11, 2002


I'm sure this queston of parts pops up all the time, but i need a little help. I need to sealup my 57 powerflite, which leaks, especially after the trans warms up. I need a kit that includes rear, front, speedo, etc. seals. Basically i want to replace any seal that could cause the trans fluid to leak out. Anybody know a good place to get the kit, and which kit to get? Anyone gotten this type of kit before? Also, my oil pressue drops somewhat after the car warms up. It stays about 1/4 up the gauge from low when cruising. I'd like the gauge to be at least in the middle, or don't i know what i'm talking about? I'll need an oil pump, the pan seal, and any other seal that should be replaced when replacing the pump. It's for a 57 325 dodge motor with a 2barrel. Oh yeah, if i wanted to rebuild the heads, and maybe the block, where could i find those parts? Thanks to anyone that can help!!


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