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I've Never Heard a Mopar Person Talk Like This Before

From: Kenny J.
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Date: September 12, 2002


An older friend who worked the Dodge Main assembly line from the late '50s until about 1968 came over today to look at my latest '59 Plymouth. He was horrified when I showed him the 318 Poly. He called all pre-1962 Poly engines worthless and said I would have nothing but trouble with oil leaks, push rod, cam and lifter failure and that the crankshaft was "as soft as wax." He begged me to go to either a B, RB or LA engine. What's going on? I've never heard anybody criticize the Poly before and most I've seen and experience seem to be reliable and very stout performers. Whatever else anybody can say about our Forward Look cars (rust, fit, finish, quality control, brakes), I've never heard anybody, especially a Mopar person go off like that about the early A engines. Comments?


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