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Re: Rear Sway bars,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: September 12, 2002


There was almost this same discussion, about what rear sway bars for the '50's FwdLk cars would work/fit, a year and a half or so ago. I posted this awnser. I practially 'bolted in' (had to moove the vent tube) a complete rear swaybar assembly from a early '90's full size Bronco/F-150 ($50. for two junk yard assemblys) into a '48 DeSoto Rod with a 8 1/4 rear out of a '70 Fury. The handling improvememt was GREATLY noticed. Since the basic design/mounting of the early '90's F-150 rear bar is the same as a F-250, the 250's bars are, I think 1" or bigger. Should be. Now I don't know if the same bar mounting/design is the same on the new Super Duty's or 150's? I know the early '90's bars should fit under a FwdLk car, if I was able to put one under this DeS that was 'slammed' to the ground. The front bumper had 4" ground clearance, I can't remember the exact amount I had on the rear bumper, (14" ?) but any lower and I would have to notch the floor for clearance. There was no room for the exhaust pipes to 'go over' the rear end, like normal. I plan to use one of the Ford rear bars on this 300 project, if I can ever find a parts car. My 'too sence'


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