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Re: Dodge/40 Ford swap

From: alumcan
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Date: September 12, 2002


Normey, Is this a pick-em-up or car? I've seen pictures of 392's in '39-'40 Fors with NO firewall cutting, and a stock looking (notice I said 'looking') radiator. If a 392 will fit, you ought to be able to turn that 'little' Dodge Hemi around sidways. I put in a '55 291 DeSoto Hemi, (little bigger than a Dodge Hemi) in a '48 DeSoto. The ONLY cutting of any sheetmetal in the engine compartment I had to do, was the two inner fenders notched over the GM sub frame. I don't know if Ford did this or not, but check it out anyway. On the '40's Mopars you can take the radiator support and turn it around 180 degrees, now you can move the rad 2" farther forward. If you are using stock '40 Ford steering, supension, and stuff, (NOT recommended) the ONLY clearance problem I see, would be the OM Ford steering box, and the OM Dodge exhaust manifold. My advice. Go with a Mustang II front end, steering, brakes, and such. I would be willing to lay money down that 99% of the '39-'40 Fords out there that are rodded have a Mustang II under the front!


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