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Never had a problem with poly head gaskets

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 13, 2002


I've had 4 318 poly engines and never had to replace a head gasket on any of them! Much as I love the B-series engines,every B-series engine I've ever had the gaskets go a year (or two at most) before they start the inevitable leaking. This is not a fatal flaw by any means,and the B engines have a BIG advantage in that you can change the intake manifold without draining the radiator (I'll take their leaky gaskets in trade for this advantage,no problem!). Still,the cool running poly does not have the siamesed center exhaust ports of the B (a bad idea copied from the small block Chevy), which makes a 396/402 poly a tempting proposition for hot weather city driving!


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