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Re: How to make a 58 coronet handle like a porsche...

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 13, 2002


I've done considerable research into front sway bars, & the only ones that will fit 57 -58 Dodges (& Plymouths, although they didn't have them, not even the Furies) , is from units, off of 57 CR's & S/wagons--the Coronet convertible didn't have s/bars, either! The Dodge s/bars were thin, & not very-well "supported", but they ARE an improvement, & they ARE available, from wrecking-yard cars. Finding the BUSHINGS for them can be an adventure, tho! . Hot Rod raved over the handling of the Furies, which 'only' had the same size T-bars as the Coros/Royals ( which were slightly larger than the CR's T-bars). So, you install the CR s/bars, gas shocks, dial-in the front suspension, overhaul the steering gear assembly, AND install 225/75R14 tires, & you will be amazed (don't forget the 6-leaf rear spring-stack, or a 6-leaf assembly from a stationwagon !


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