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Re: MoPar "Professional Cars"

From: alumcan
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Date: September 13, 2002


You ought to go deeeeeeeppp into the archive discussion forums. I found a '60 Plymouth Hearse that was to be used in a 'banger derby' over in England, and posted pictures. I found pictures of a '59 Plymouth Hearse in, some furin country, can't 'member. I found pictures of a 'new' '58 DeSoto ambulance. I saw a article (years ago) of a guy that found a mint '59 Windsor (?)Hearse in a rural funeral home. I found some pictures of a funeral home in Detroit, that had it's brand new fleet of '57 Imperial Limos and Hearse parked out front. There are rumors floating around one of those Hearse clubs or Profesional Car clubs some time ago, that there was one (?) 300-C or D converted into a Hearse by one of the coach builders. I 'kinta doubt it, or that car would have surfaced by now. You actually have a '60 Chrysler Funeral Coach!? Neat! You ought to post pictures. My daughter and I have a '91 Cad Superior Endloader we have taken to a couple of car shows, ( I got it off of E-bay) and she is going to use it as a prop in our local Stepping Stones Haunted Hayride. Yes, we too have gotten very mixed reactions,,,,either they think that I'm sick for bringing my family to a car show in a Hearse, and others think that it's the next 'neat' car to build. So far we have the only one around in this area that is in private hands. My youngest daughter, (8) accidently spilled some 'prop' blood my oldest daughter was using for the Mon County Fair kick off parade. We had nothing to wipe it up. So since the parade is so long and lasts a couple of hours, we were 'sorta towards the back. Several people asked why was there spilled blood all over the rear floor and bumper of this Coach. I blurted out, ",,,that when the Coach was 'in service' at the Funeral Home up in New Jersey, they mistakenly place a live body in the casket, and during the funeral procession, the 'dead' person broke out of the casket and bled to death trying open the rear door." I would point out, "See, there is no inside door handle." This one woman went and actually got the cops. The one cop had to leave, he couldn't hold a straight face like the other cop. I saw him a few days later. He couldn't believe that people were so gullable. The '59's are in Iowa. I'll have to post again and give out the guy's address.


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