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1958 plymouth parts!!!

From: james
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Date: September 14, 2002


Hey everyone, If anyone is intrested i know where there is a 58 Plymouth 2-door hardtop setting that has many good parts on it,includeing a full set of front and rear bumper wings that are rusty but would work as a recrome set,plus all the glass is good in this car. As far as the rest of the body may it rust in peace, if ya get what I mean, I went one week ago to pick this car up for a restore project. After driving for over 8 hours one way,the previous owner decided to crush the frontend, frenders,grill,and hood with a frontend loader. He had first priced the car to me for $700.00 bucks and after the damage he came down to $350.00 I should have bought the car anyway fro the wings and glass, but after the damage I was just to pissed off to look at it and left it setting. If anyone is interrested let me know and I will let ya know where it is. Best of luck to everyone!!!


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