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Re: can't open your 'ctecmsi' site.

From: alumcan
Remote Name:
Date: September 14, 2002


Dave, I can't 'open' that 'ctemsi' page. I tried last night, and again today. All that I get is 'web site not responding' Is there another wording? As to the Proffesional Car Socitey, I was 'trucking' around in their site (plus any other site that pertained to Funeral Coaches/Hearses) way over a year ago. What people I talked to in that site reminded me of a bunch of people,,,,,well, I got the impression that the Professional Car Society shared some of the same nose light bulbs with this other bunch that's into/clubing a piticular FwdLk car that I'm obsesed with. Any 'other' Coach web sites you know of, that I might have missed? You wouldn't know anything about that '300 Coach' would you? The information was passed to me in the very early 80's and I was still into Street Rods, but still collected 300 Letter Car information/stuff on the side. When the Christine movie came out, I was planning to build/Rod a '40's Windsor 'Vert. So the '300 Hearse' information didn't linger very long in my 'brane sells'


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