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re: re: 6 years old

From: Mike Cretella
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Date: September 14, 2002


I knew what car I wanted when I was 6...I always loved music and knew I wanted to be a professional musician when I grew up. I had plastic guitars and cardboard drums. Drove the family nuts. I tore the tonearm off my mother's console stereo to see where the music was coming from. She wasn't too happy about that! Well, I got the car I always wanted and have been playing music professionaly all my life. I live to play and play to live. I'm lucky I knew where I was headed at a very early age. I had a flying "one" but that happened after I went thru puberty. The first time I saw a pair of high heels I was 9. They were on my cousin Rosie. I REALLY liked them but I couldn't understand why. Thank goodness I finally figured that one out!


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