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Re: I forgot to add...

From: Dave Lisiecki
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Date: September 14, 2002


Oh yeah, one of my brain cells was trying to tell me you had a hearse, but the rest of my brain thought he was imagining it. But now I remember. Just a few thoughts before my daughter wakes up from her nap.....I'm sorry you had that bad experience with the PCS. I guess that can happen with any club, but the PCS in particular has been going through growing pains, with (generally speaking) the original members more at the restoration end of things, and often from the funeral home or ambulance/EMS field. So for many, it's their profession of which they are very proud, and they like the cars also. Then there are those who are into the cars first, and maybe into modification to some degree. Then there are those from the extreme Halloweenie-end of things. So there's a lot of oil and water trying to mix, and the internet "chapter" has helped a lot. But many on the web are not in the club, and only a small portion of the national membership visit the web. Then there are the local chapters. MOST of the membership just want to get along and preserve the cars and their history.....Washington State? That's where I am!......Seems most of these Mopars are from the Midwest. Mine came from Iowa but served in Nebraska, I think. And I, too, have seen these Dodges turn up about once a year, and most have that same wide-open desolate to the horizon look that always means it's far, far from me......Not sure why you couldn't open Dawson's website, but it's really slow on my home computer and fine at my work computer, so maybe his photos are too large in file size(???)....I almost bought a '61 Newport ex-Navy rig up here, but I shied away from it because of all the rust. But now my '60 has a lot of rust, just in different places. I've got a long haul with the usual quarters and floorboard replacements....Production figures - the big question no matter what make. Hard to find coachbuilder figures. One can start with station wagon figures, but the heavily modified ones weren't always based on wagons!....The PCS main page has a page of off-site links which is a good place to start if you're looking for the many hearse/ambulance related sites.......Hey, I've gotta run now....Interesting thread you started, thanks! Maybe we'll hear more?


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