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Valve cover gaskets (and I said '230 HP' cam,which is the 2-bbl version)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 14, 2002


The only leaky cyl. head to block gaskets are when that block surface isn't perfectly straight. I only had one B block do that,and no polys. And yes, I'm quite aware that the '260 hp' power-pack 4-bbl. cam is different than the '230 hp' 2-bbl. version, in fact I put the 'power-pack' cam in that '61 Belvedere and it gave it enough extra hp to notice even though the 2-bbl was still on the car! My first '61 Fury sedan (which I still own) is a 318 power pack car with the AFB, 260 hp camshaft and dual exhaust (not bad considering the original owner was a church deacon!).


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