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Re: Firm Feel Steering..

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: September 15, 2002


On my 57 Dodge, I tightened down the 3/4" nut, on the top of the power steering gear-assembly, & noted improved steering-response. I also 'shimmed' my front suspension, to achieve 1.5 degrees positive caster, & installed 225/75R14 radial tires. However, i later noticed that the steering gear was leaking badly, & so, bought a wrecking yard steering gear assy & , for $600.00, had Lares Corp. overhaul that unit (to 'standard-specs'). With some trepidation, I installed the overhauled unit (AFTER removing Lares' cheapo-black-paint cover-up of that unit, & then, polishing-up the overhauled unit) ...and discovered that the overhauled unit WORKS GREAT!!! There is, (again) virtually NO vagueness in the steering-response, and, as I've said before (see below, 9/12-13) , with the other mods I've installed, my D500 handles awesomely--no brag; just fact. I've still got my 'original' steering gearset, for $200.00, (my "wrecking yard" unit cost me $250.00) if someone wants to buy it, to use as a 'core', to send-off for re-building--this is a safer protocol than to remove & send-off "your-car's" unit, & then wait/hope for its sucessful return to you, & to your 'disabled' car! Neil Vedder


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