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Re: Professional cars; Ed, Einstine, Dave, Double H, and anyone else,,,

From: alumcan
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Date: September 16, 2002


Einstine, something must be worng with this infernal machine! WE can't open the file you sent me about the web site. OK, I remember seeing a red and white (?) DeSoto ambulance in one of the FwdLk calanders, is that The one you guys are talking about? If it is, NICE! Dave, funny you should mention the 'purists', 'inbetweenies', and the all out 'goths/vampires' in the way that each one chooses to modify, leave alone, whatever, a Hearse to their liking. I guess that you can classify me as one of the inbetweens, or 'riding the fence'. I have no problem with some of my biker buddies being total outlaws. Before he died, I had a good friend who was an 'Angel. I know and talk to very frequently two Pagans MC. I know a whole slew of VietNam Vets MC. Yet, I have a hard time making conversation with a 'Goldwinger' or a Harley B.O.B. or R.U.B. Same way with the Denver Hearse Assoc. (out in Einstine's neck of the woods) I talked with the 'head honcho' on the phone and by E-mail, but when we met in person, I could tell he was a little reserved about me. 'HE' didn't bother me. I just wanted to touch one end of his foot high spiked hair, to see if was as sharp as it looked. Where the problem was, with him and me, I was a little over TWICE his age, and didn't fit the 'goth' look. Why was this 'old fart' wanting a Hearse? Same way with the 300 people. I'll give you two examples of many. I was told that I didn't deserve a Letter Car. And the one that I had, (before fire) I couldn't claim it's history, according to one of them! Probably, that's what happend with Proffesional folks, thought that I was one of them long haired, loud mouthed Yankee hippies, up to no good! However, I AM a crothety old grey bearded biker. The only modifications I did to the Coach, was modify both crossmembers so I can have a true dual exhaust. Not much room under a '77-'92 Caddy for anything but what they (factory) put under there. Einestine and I chased for months, a simple exhaust hanger. Big Tranny cooler. I changed the Wilson Art Phonic, (the wood look/type sub floor covering) to a black and white checker look. I modified both floors, (sub and steel) and was able to hide a rear passenger seat. And STILL be able to haul a full sized casket. The rear seat is NOT a little jump seat, it's a full sized bucket. I cut into the rear side door, and installed a inside door handle, grab handle, p/lock and p/window switch, along with the center upholstry out of a 4-door Bougham blended into the Coach door panel, that matches the front door panels. I got a Uniontown, PA Harley front plate, two little (each side) 2" Harley stickers inside the little Caddy wreaths on the 'sail panel'. Other than the chrome dual exhaust tips and the 'tail tell' exhaust rumble, the outside is stock. Oh I forgot, where inside, there are little plaques on each side that have Olive branches, or Egyptian Cyrus leaves, I had a 'crow' picture imbedded on a piece of alum, and they are 'inside' those plaques. Other than my daughter wants to install a 'killer' stero sys., w/hidden speakers, the thing is the way it came off of Superiors' line. If I can somehow get pictures posted again, I'll show you what the inside looks like, and just how ugly I am. Ed, a '56 Chevy Hearse! I have a picture of a '55 Chevy Hearse here someplace. I found it along with all of those FwdLk Hearses and ambulance pictures I found all over the 'net sometime ago. I 'printed it for one of the 'Blinder Bowtie' guys I had to put up with at work. You know the type, every thing but a Chevy should not be allowed on the road, etc. Anyway it was restored on the outside, 'cept for a better set of tires/wheels. In place of the ole Blue Flame Six, the guy put in a 396/400. In a nut shell, I like things that are differnt. In the '70's instead of a 'normal' '32 or '34 Ford Rod, I built a miniture tractor, (C.W. McCall, Smokie and The Bandit, and boo-coo other truck related goings on) out of a H.D. '41'46 Chevy Conventional. I had tandems, (NOT duals, eight wheels in the back) fifth wheel, sleeper, (full of 'nekkid' women pictures) stacks, the first set of full chrome 19.5 Budds on the east coast, a 'three way Brownie Box' for 12 forward gears, (both trans were straigt cut gears, had to double clutch each gear. There were times that I got 'messed up' shifting like a old Mack Duplex, one arm through ther steerring wheel, and got both trans caught in nuetral. When that happened I had to come to a complete stop and start all over again. Since I sold that thing in the very Early 80's, I haven't been a participant (only a spectator) at any car shows. I missed that feeling. I wanted/was going to build, after the movie, a '58 Fury, found, a 300-D sitting in a field, a whole mess of NOS '58 Fury Parts, so forth and so on. Then fire, and layoffs every year, there was no way I would be able to become a participant again. I tried here recently by taking my old half million mile Ford F-250 to Fords at Carlisle, but since it was a little rough around the edges, they didn't want to look at it. So this Hearse is different enough, like I said, we have the only one in this area, and being able to take that thing to shows, the 'old (proud) feeling' comes back. If I had unlimited resources I would like to build two 'different' Funeral Coaches. I would like to find a '57-8 Chrysler Hearse and make a '300-D' Hearse out of it. I would also like to take a '65-6 Mustang, the Hurst shiftered GT 350 one, that Hertz Rent-A-Car had, and rented out back then. Take a FWD Caddy Hearse. Throw away the Caddy clip and complete sides, stretch out a set of Mustang Quarters, Mustang front clip,,,,,now see if any of you can say 'this' real fast,,, the car would be called a Hurst, Hertz, Hearse! Whoo-Haw! There was a '53 Chrysler Hearse on E-bay 'bout a year ago, wonder what happened to it?


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