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Re: Professional cars; Ed, Einstine, Dave, Double H, and anyo...

From: alumcan
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Date: September 16, 2002


Excellent idea about the sub woofer! Probably will use it! I 'shudda mentioned in my 'rant', along with the exhaust hanger, those OM wire wheels I asked if you could find, ARE for this Hearse. They are about the ONLY 'chromie' type (aftermarket) wheel I can use. Cadillac, including the Buick Skylark, as well as the OM Chrysler wire wheels, are OVER rated for the weight of the vehicles they were orginally intended for. Those '77 up, Caddy RWD wire wheels are rated at around 6K pounds. The sticker that Superior Motor Coach put on the door jam. sez the coach weighs right around 5500#. Dayton Wheel Co. as well as most other wheel manifactures rates their (wire) wheels to around 5K. So to be 'safe not sorry' I'm sticking with trying to find a set of OM Cad wires. Anyway, You are absoutly right about the two DeS's at 'your' car show drawing attention like 'flies on feces', for being different. Just maybe the masses are getting tired of seeing the same old routine at car chows,,,,,where the only difference between the 'normal' Rods, Customs, whatever,,,, is a paint job?? The three most looked at vehicles at that '50's Fest I was kidding Dave Stragand about, was that '61 Dodge, our Hearse, and a car built in the 50's using a '40's Lincoln Convt front, Cad grille, Buick fade away fenders, Cad rear fenders and tail lights, a Cad hood for the rear 'boat tail' look, and shortened to one seat. I could give honorable mention to a 40's Crosley (cute as a fart) and a restored WWII Jeep! I have ALWAYS been fascinated with the 'brute force' of the 300 Letter Cars. They being so rare and 'different'. It just took the orginal Christine movie to 'kick start' my FwdLk interists. That is a good point about the bikers, yes, there is NO bull feces among us,,,,.


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