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Brake noise

From: Sar
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Date: September 16, 2002


Hey people. Got a brake question for y'all (yup, Texas) I just rebuilt the entire braking system on my newly aquired 57 Windsor. I had all the drums turned, rebuilt master and all wheel cylinders, new hosed, bled brakes and adjusted brake shoe cams per the 57 service manual...The car stops wonderfully. given all I've read about Chryslers notorious bad brakes back then, I wasn't expecting the nice firm pedal and great stopping power the car now has. the car approaches a full stop, the brakes GROOOOOOOANN very very loudly. It starts as the car gets near a full stop; not during the beginning of the braking cycle. The shoes do not drag at all. The return springs are working quite well. I had an assistant push the brakes with the car jacked up and hand turned each wheel to check shoe return operation. I have no idea where this groan is coming from. It is for sure coming from the drum area. I reused the old shoes, but they appeared to be in exceptional condition...lots of pad left and no uneveness. Any of you ol' gearheads got any ideas? Best wishes to all.


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