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LA 4-speed bellhousing for Chrysler A-833 4-speeds,and more

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 17, 2002


The bellhousing pattern on the 1962-66 poly blocks is the same as the 1967-91 318-340-360 engines. The 1957-61 277-301-318 polys are the same pattern as 1962-91 except for the right bottom bolt (You could either leave that bolt unused or rework the block and thread a new hole). So this means that the 1964-74 A-833 four-speed can be used with the 1964-74 A/LA 4-speed bellhousing, and the 1975-89 A-833 wide-ratio overdrive four-speed can be used with the 1975-89 LA 4-speed bellhousing. (the O/D transmission has a larger pilot bushing) 1980 is the last year for car applications,but any 1975-89 Dodge truck with a V8 and four-speed has those parts. The Keisler 5-speed T-5-based transmission uses its own alum. bellhousing made by Keisler. (dual bolt pattern; one for the Keisler,and one to match the A-833). The Keisler bellhousings are made this way because the weight reduction of an alloy bellhousing is desirable even if you use an A-833! Richmond 5 and 6 speeds can be ordered to fit the Chrysler 4-speed bellhousing boltpattern.


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