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60 plymouth/chrysler hybrid....."chryply"

From: erik aase
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Date: September 17, 2002


Hello from northern canada. I've recently started to restore a 60 4dr plymouth belvedere. It has the slant six and three inthe tree tranny, flintstones brakes and strong arm steering. I drove the car all summer long but the appreciative looks and comments didn't make up for the lack of handling,power,braking and drivability! One night while downing a six pack of strong canadian beer I casually glanced over at the 60 chrysler windsor in my yard(it has a rough body but a strong running 383 with puhbutton tranny and spaceship dash). It also has power steering and power brakes as well as swivel seats. I would like to disembowel the plymouth and add all the chrysler goodies including drivetrain,dash, power steering and power brakes. My question in a nutshell is there any unforseen problems with this conversion before I start, will the dash and steering column fit without too much hassle?


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