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Hard Starting Hot

From: Carter
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Date: September 17, 2002


Here's another hard starting when hot question. My son has a '56 Plymouth with a 270 V8 and three speed manual tranny. The car starts fine when cold but when its hot it has to crank and crank and crank before it will finally fire. The car has done the same thing for years, even after the engine was replaced. Of course he's been through plugs, points, condenser, distributor cap, starter, battery cables, etc. and he's getting very frustrated. Last weekend he replaced the fuel pump. He thought the carb was getting too much gas and flooding and not starting until the gas had dried up. But, even with the new fuel pump, which seems to be putting out the right pressure, the car is still very hard to start hot. It turns over like crazy, it just won't fire. About the only thing that hasn't been replaced is the distributor. We're starting to lose hair from scratching our heads. Any suggestions?


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