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Re: Aw, razzle, to you too!

From: alumcan
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Date: September 17, 2002


I can't spell, sticking you toung out and making a 'fart' sound! Y'know what, I was complaining to my wife that if this dadburn machine doesn't work, I'm gonna throw it in the creek! I said, "see here I can't open up any stuff people sent me." I then clicked on the orginal 'ctemsi' post and it open right up! Go figure! She said the snot wasn't hanging out of my nose right, or something to that matter. After several days of trying all of your guys suggestions, out of flustration, I did go into 'google' and typed in DeSoto Ambulance. The pictures were the fifth or sixth one down. Same pictures in 'google' 'cept for one, that's in the 'ctemsi' I DID want to touch that guys hair to see what he had on to make it all stand up to points like that. We talked and everyhing there Einstine, no problem, it's just that noted a lack of enthusiasmn (?) in his voice, between the phone converstions and face to face. So I figured it to be the age differnce. YES! I'm too #^$&ed up to be with the Pebble Beach (300)bunch,(I don't stick my little pinkie out, and when I get gas in public, I don't hold it in politely and suffer) and too old and crotichty to be with the bunch that celebrates Halloween year round, that's less than half my age. :-D


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