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Porsches, sway bars, and heater valves...

From: Kelly
Email: 21st. century digital boy
Remote Name:
Date: September 17, 2002


Hey guys, thanks for the feed back. Springs from a C-body wagon would fit, right? So maybe getting the dodge to handle like a porsche was a stretch, but it got the point across. The new problem that popped up was a trickle of anti-freeze on the floorpans (no carpeting in it now) whenever the heater was on. So my first thought was that the heater core was dead. I replaced on in my skylark, and man! that was a bitch!!! So, anyways I looked under there and traced the gremlin to the switch. "Great" I thought. It wasn't connected to the heater core at all. I pulled it out, jumped in my dad's toyota and headed to my parts supplier. They told exactly what it was, it could be replaced or rebuilt, for the tune of 250 bucks!!! Before I fork out the money for this gremlin, Is there any alternative such as retrofitting to a newer unit? Thanks guys! Kelly


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