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Re: 440 swap: motor, trans, rear, driveshaft, all fit?? Einstine, thisn's for you

From: alumcan
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Date: September 18, 2002


"Einstine" is the one to ask for this, he's done it before. Driveshaft? Use the Nyer! The NYer rear should be almost a 'bolt in'. You will have to splice some of the NYer emergency brake cable to your OM DeS handle assembly. OM steel brake line to the NYer flex line should mate up. Ask Einstine how he did his front and back motor mounts. The OM rear crossmember will have to be modified to take the NYer mount. Einstine will have to tell you about your push buttons hooking up to a later alum 727. You WILL have to get a DeS dash three speed pushbutton set up. The NYer got a tilt wheel? If so, (if you want to) use the column out of the NYer and you can direct bolt the column shifter linkage. The existing OM throttle linkage will slightly be modified to mate to the NYer carb and kick down linkage. Try your OM radiator, unless the outlets are on the wrong side. Then you'll have to use the NYer rad. Then after everything is in and hooked up, measure what you'll need in length for drive shaft, take it to a machine shop, or driveshaft shop and they can take it from there. If and that is one great big 'if' you have a driveline vibration, and want to 'balance' the drive shaft. Take all the U-joints/slip yoke off and take it to any electrical motor rewind shop. They have to be able to balance armartures after they are re-wound. So most will do driveshafts. You listen to Einstine! He knows everything! He thew away his coloring books and started reading Murphy's law of random perversitelty, (or however yer 'spose to spell it) and had studied the before and after facts, and has come up with his own thery , and has a formula equasion to back up his extencive studies. "More fuel, more compression, more cubic inches = more power!" (EM812 to the second power) Then Murphy comes in and screws every thing up.


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