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Use the Chrysler's 8 rear axle

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 18, 2002


Yes,as Sid said, since your Plymouth is a 6-cyl. you will have to change the motor mount brackets (to install any V8 in that car). When I swapped in the 440 in mine,I only had to change to "B" motor mounts (60-61 Ply/Dodge/Chrysler application) BUT my '60 was a V8 car to start with. DEFINITELY use the Chrysler's 8" rear axle! The old-style 8" rear axle supplied with most 6-cyl. cars (exceptions are Sure-Grip,4:10 or lower ratio,or original buyer special-order) would actually be OK with an automatic and mild driving,BUT you'll be doing a lot more time-consuming things in this project than swapping a rear axle,so you would be foolish NOT to use the Chrysler's rear axle.


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