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Re: Power steering question

From: Joe B.
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Date: September 18, 2002


Sar, Sounds like you may have a bias in you power steering gear box. To verify this raise both front wheels off the ground make sure steering wheel is center then start the engine. The steering wheel should not move. If the steering wheel moves in either direction you will have to adjust the valve assembly up or down depending on weather you have a bias left or bias right. According to my 60 Plymouth service manual you loosen the valve assembly bolts just enough to move the valve assembly so that it can be moved by tapping it. If you have bias to the left move the valve assembly up move it down for a right bias condition. With the engine off losen the valve bolts move valve about 1/32 of a inch up or down. Torque bolts to 15 start the engine to see if bias is center (wheel does not move). Now for the warnings. Only ajust the valve in about 1/32" incerments if you go more than that you gear box will go very rapidly right or left with enough force to damage the rag joint or other components. Also never stick you arm through the webs of the steering wheel after making a ajustment to start the engine. I seen my old service manager get pulled into a 58 Desoto by doing this. I hope this info will help you. On the brakes Kelly might be right. The part stores do not sell organic brakes any more. They could have sold you semi metalic brakes. I never tried these on a old mopar so I don't know how they would work. You may need to get you old shoes relined with the correct materal. Take care.......Joe B.


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