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Never tried it

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: September 19, 2002


I personally would install a '62-65 B-body housing, you'd get service parking brakes (and straight axle shafts if it's a '65). Hollander's seems to say that 55-56 Chr/DeS and 57-up carriers don't interchange between housings. (10 bolt 10 3/8" dia. carriers,as they identify them) Hollander's assigns them different numbers,"10" for the 55-56 Chry/DeS 8","9" for the '57-up 8". As we know, with enough parts swapping this might be possible. Too bad I don't have a 55-56 Chr/DeS housing to experiment with! Interestingly, the Dodge Truck rears are listed as "9" starting in 1955,implying that this design was carried over to the cars in 1957. So,since I've never done that particular swap or even test-fittings I am in the dark here.....


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