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body off weight

From: lee
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Date: September 19, 2002


Tim, I have done this with my 1955 desoto. Like Hank, I removed everything except the dashboard (front clip,glass, seats, doors,trunklid). I calculated the weight to be about 1400 lbs for the bare body. But I would think that the 57 plmouth body would be heavier since it is longer, and wider(?) too. As far as the lift points, I found a factory photo in a book that I bought recently on the Chrysler 300. for the 55-56 bodies, there were lift points for 4 J-hooks on the body. 2 were located on the hood hinge supports that are welded to the firewall (3-4 layers thick of 12-14 Guage steel. I used 2 forged links with the screw nut on them (can't think of the proper name) on these locations. The other 2 lift points were at the holes located on the outer edge of the rear deck. They are also 3-4 layers of steel thick. I bought forged eye bolts, hardened washers, and hardened nuts, and attached them to these holes. make sure you have made a cart of some kind for the body (or a rotisserie) I also had reinforced the garage trusses in the roof ahead of time: sistered 2 trusses with 2 more 2x4's bolted in and glued in from each side. Drilled holes in the trusses, and placed pre-drilled 1/4" steel plate (about 4.5"X6") over the holes and made sure that the sistered beam was completely covered by the plate. Through the 4 holes I place forged eye bolts, hardened fender washers, hardened nuts. I erected 2 posts in the middle of the garage (6X6's) and used 4 come-a-longs (rated 2 tons each dead weight) to slowly and evenly lift the body off the frame. everything went smoothly by just walking around the car and lifting 1" at a time. Now my chassis is completly cleaned/painted. the front and rear suspension is on, the rear brakes are installed, and working on the transmission rebuild, and front brake installation. hope this helps. lee


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