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'57 Plymouth V800 engine identification

From: Jim Helm
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Date: September 19, 2002


I have a '57 Sport Suburban, 9-passenger Wagon that has the V800 engine with dual 4 barrel carbs and the "Chrysler 300C style" aircleaners. From all appearances, this is the original engine in the car, but I don't know how to verify that. It is certainly possible that the engine was a transplanted from another car, but that seems unlikely for a Wagon? Does anyone know how to identify the V800 engine? What unique stampings will it have? Is it a 318 cubic inch, or a 301 cubic inch engine? Does it have any unique features as opposed to the standard 301? I do have the Chrysler Build tag for the car, but it is not of much help. Any advice/expertise will be appreciated. Thanks.


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