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Re: Plymouth Body Work - Restoration Tips

From: joe a dickason
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Date: September 19, 2002


you need to be sure to do your rockers FIRST before taking the body off if possible, otherwise all the stress is at the very spindly rear window posts, note they are very small. your rear window could also explode if it is still in. after rockers are sound, then place stands at the very front and rear of the rockers, using wood not to damage them, and be absolutely sure to have stands at the rear under the rear bumper area, the also at the rear of the rockers at the front of the rear wheel opening. one other item of concern if you put it on a rotissery, you must put in temporary supports in the door openings to avoid body flex. if you are doing MAJOR panel replacement, be sure to leave the doors on to constantly keep checking your door lines as these bodys do flex, even when they are tight and solid. hope you can get some use from this.' joe


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