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Re: Third Member interchangeability/ rear discs on tapered axle

From: alumcan
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Date: September 19, 2002


Yeah, there 'is' a way for you to use disc brakes on the taperd/'50's MoPar rear. I thought everybody knew about it. There are two different kits I saw at the local 'roundy-round' shop. Both kits use Ford rotors, (hats) and Monti-Carlo calipers. One kit has a adjustibe type 'backing plate' mount that bolts directly to the flange where the OM backing plate bolted to. These are mainly for 9" Ford rears. If they will fit '50's Mopar flange, I don't know. The second kit has a strap that is bolted and tack welded around the housing. The second kit (easier to posistion). Knock off/remove/machine/whatever, the old brake drumb from the axle flange, slide the Ford 'hat', run down a couple of lug nuts backwards. Mount the caliper with new pads 'bout where you want it, (fwd or aft) but leave the caliper mounting strap loose. Shoot some air into the caliper so the pads are clamped tight on the 'Hat' (rotor) centering the caliper and mount, tack weld into place and yer done! Ford rotors have the same bolt circle as MoPar.


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