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Re: So you have a 1960 318 in there....

From: Jim Helm
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Date: September 20, 2002


A 1960 engine? Wow, this is getting interesting. So now, how do I determine if my car was originally delivered with a V-800 engine? I suppose that it is possible that the car was an original 301 car and some early owner decided to "hop it up" and put together a 1960 318 with a '57 Fury induction system. But again, this is a station wagon and it seems unlikely that anyone would do that. So you are saying that maybe the original motor was trashed and a dealer may have put in a later model "service" engine? I don't suppose I will ever find out for sure, but there should be a way to find out if the car was originally delivered with the v-800 engine? Any suggestions on how to figure this out? Jim


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