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Re: Octane Boosters

From: adam green
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Date: September 22, 2002


Mike, you are on dangerous ground here. There is nothing comercially available that you can just pour in the tank to go faster. DON"T pour paint thinner or anything else in the tank unless you have a spare engine handy. There is quite a bit of chemistry involved in mixing fuels. Go to the library and find some books on it. That would be a start. Some fuels, Methanol for example, will corrode the brass and rubber in your fuel system. Also, Methanol is very poisonous and attacks the optic nerve in your head resulting in permanent blindness. (We use it in the oil industry, there's lots of precautions to be taken when using it). With that out of the way, why do you want to do this? If you need Octane booster to control engine detonation you could retard the ignition timing or lower the compression ratio. Yes, this will affect power output but is a long term solution. If you want instant power, install a Nitrous Oxide Injection kit. Adam


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