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61 DeSoto Help

From: Clay Wood
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Date: September 23, 2002


Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer crusing or restorations! Have just a few quick little questions (hopefully). As you may, r may not know, I have recently aquired a 1961 DeSoto. she is in beautiful condition, and only needs a little reassembly. The former owner passed away before he could finish the old girl, but I have promised to the family the car came from to do her justice and finish where dad left off. Anyway, here are my questions. 1) there is a vaccum canister that sits atop the air box on that I assume controls the vents. It is missing and I picked one up at a swap meet this weekend that I thought would work, but it appears to be to big for the mounting bracket. Any ideas what this thing is supposed to look like or where I can get one? 2) the rear door loks are missing and I can see a ver clear break in the trim on the panels as well as a 'half-moon' impression around it. Anyone know what these locks look like? All the parts to the car came with it, and those missing should be in the garage of the former owner, I just need to know what I am looking for is all. 3) the copper tag on the carb is missing, so I have no idea what it is. It is a 2bbl with the large top (I guess to accomadate the 4bbl style air cleaner). Any ideas what it is? I need to rebuild it (small vaccum leak) but have no idea what kit to ask for. And lastly... 4) I found the original build sheet under the back seat. The condition of it should help give an idea of the condition of the car over all. I cant find any real conclusive records for serial numbers for these cars, but being that it was built towards the very end of production, was curious how close to the last it is? And ideas? ( the build sheet can be viewed here: Any help, advice, or even better pictures would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks again guys and hope all is well with everyone! Take care, Clay Wood


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