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Bat cleaner reproduction revisited

From: batman
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Date: September 24, 2002


I ran across the Metalcrafters site also and am convinced they can make anything. I just got an email reply from Tom Peters in MD who hand makes parts. I called him via land line and we discussed the cleaner. He says it has a lot of detail and without seeing the part can not quote an accurate price but thinks he could probably make it for a grand. He would have to spend a few days making tools and planning out how the thing would be made. Subsequent pieces would be slightly cheaper than the initial part. Also, he is busy this time of year and it would take a few months. >thankyou for your inquiry. I have many >questions regarding your project.If you could >call the shop 301-391-6589 or house 301 253-3193 >I would be happy to discuss this. thanks again, >Tommy


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