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Hot Heads/Powerplay experience

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: September 26, 2002


Tim....I had a pair of 1956 DeSoto heads rebuilt by Bob Walker (full up with SS valves,springs and retainers, bronze guides, exhaust valve seat inserts), and also rocker arm assembly rebuild (bronze bushed rockers, conversion to 426 rocker arm adjusters, ground and hard-chromed shafts, new dowels). I also had chrome moly pushrods made to fit lifters coming from Chris Nielson Cams. I think the owrk was EXCELLENT, and Bob and Chris both worked together to make sure I got the right parts the first time. I can recommend both. For those who claim that Bob is expensive, I have found the for the type of work performed, his labor rates are in line, at least the shops I deals with. Only drawback is shipping costs, but he does not control that. As for part costs, he keeps in stock items that you will have to have special ordered elsewhere. I have found that the quality of the parts is higher than that you might generally find in your local auto parts speed shop area, IF they have them.


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