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Re: lettin off some steam

From: JonnyMilkshake
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Date: September 29, 2002


I know what you mean, man. My Father-in-law/boss wants me to take the 318 poly out of the hot tank and throw it away. He said the newer 318 is a better motor in terms of weight, parts avalilability and ease of maintainance as well as an O/D trans getting better mileage. My retort is always the same. My wife likes the push button trans so an O/D trans is a NO! I spent some time locating a 63 aluminum trans and a 63 4 barrel poly, so I have time invested and am not willing to give up on it. I finalize my thought process by telling him that since we work in a machine shop labor is free and we usually get parts at some sort of discount, besides how many times does he think I'm gonna rebuild this motor? Sheesh! Actually to be honest, if the newer 318 bolted right onto my 63 trans I would consider doing as he suggests.


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