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Re: 1959 Plymouth Suburban: Is it or isn't it ?

From: Jim Helm
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Date: September 29, 2002


I once bought a 1959 Custom Suburban from the original owner that had the 361 Golden Commando engine and a 3-speed stick shift. It was definitely factory original!! He had ordered the car that way, but it did not have overdrive--he didn't say whether or not O/D was available for the car when he ordered it, but he didn't get it. Back in 1959, the car's serial number was not put on the block/engine. The engine had its own number. The only way to tell if your car has the original engine is to go to the Chrysler Historical folks, and get the "build record" for your car. It will tell you the engine number that was in the car when it left the factory. Good luck!


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