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Re: 1959 Plymouth Suburban: Is it or isn't it ?

From: Kenny J.
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Date: September 29, 2002


According to factory manuals and literature, the overdrive wasn't available with the 361. But we can't always believe what's in print. There are Mopars out there which have been delivered with colors or options listed as "unavailable" for that particular vehicle.Or perhaps somebody may have installed an overdrive along the way. A build sheet from Chrysler ought to indicate how your car left the factory. I believe Hank posted contact information and cost for obtaining a copy of your wagon's build sheet info last month. Scroll down and take a look. Please enjoy your new acquistion. I now have two '59 Suburbans, a four door with a six-stick (driven daily) and a two door 318-stick ( rescued from the boneyard.) If you wish to exchange pix of our wagons, drop me a line.


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